Best and Worst Holiday Ads of 2011

So far, it is obvious that the Ad Men have been busy this holiday season. Some have been nice and some naughty but in general, it is a pretty unoriginal year for holiday ads. Below are a smattering of some of the best, worst and the one that I would say is the most shocking of them all.

Most Cliched:
Tommy Hilfiger – House Par-Tay
I like watching half naked, sculpted men dancing around as much as the next girl, but seriously? This is the best they could do for the Holidays? The dog at the end is the real savior of this ad…make it stop!

Most Obnoxious:
eBay – 12 Days of Christmas
I think it is safe to say that most adults think that Christmas is probably too commercial but this ad seemingly tries to demand that Christmas be nothing about good will but about the overindulgence of spoiled, bratty kids. Maybe I am over reacting but I really hate this one.

On Its Last Legs:
Target – Reindeer Games
The Target Crazy Lady is funny. And you kind of look forward to her each holiday season but she is getting a little too crazy and a little less funny. These are still “ok” but I think she is on her last leg.

Most Controversial:
Best Buy – Game On Santa
Threatening Santa? Merry Christmas! Not! I get the cleverness and applaud that but somehow picking on Santa does not endear me to the brand.

Best Montage:
Allstate – Christmas Mayhem
I do like these commercials from Allstate and this montage is pretty good and nicely tied into the season.

Best Feel Good:
Coca Cola – Snow Globe
From the creators of the red Santa himself, Coca-Cola always does a good job with their holiday ads. This one is a little expected but nice all the same.

Most OMG!! ad of the Season:
Destructoid – Sexy Santa
The warning that you have to click to certify that you are at least 18 years old is the first clue to this one. Shocking yes but funny? Yeah…kind of.

Which ads make your naughty and nice list?

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